What is Know Your School?

Know Your School provides that bridge between the schools and the parents in this digital world to get them on a single platform.

Know Your School is a web based and a mobile based web Application. In today’s digitalized world Educational institutes are increasingly becoming more and more digitalized. The use of Digital technology is growing by leaps and bounds in India. Parents today want the best for their wards and are using their digital reach to search for the best schools and educational institutes.

Why Know Your School?

Know Your School will be very helpful in providing detailed comparisons and ratings based on the HRD ministry’s rating for the schools thus enabling parents to make an informed decision. Get honest views from parents and students about the schools on Know Your School. A parent sitting in the comfort of their house or while on the move to the office can search, compare and apply for the best schools by the click of a button.


Need Any Help!


Yes. You can search for schools without registering on Know Your School

No. you cannot Apply/Submit Application to any school without registering or logging in.

You can apply for as many schools as you want as a parent there are no limitations.

You can compare 3 schools at the most after shortlisting schools in the listing by clicking on the check box.

You can shortlist as many schools as you want in the compare listing, however you can compare only 3 schools at a time.

No. You cannot apply/Submit application for multiple schools at the click of a single button