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What is EzSLATE?

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A E-Learning platform designed to provide students, teachers, parents, management & administrators with a Unified, robust, secure and integrated system to create learning environments as required by each stakeholder.

A virtual learning environment specifically for K–12 schools. It’s a unique all-in-one learning management system, portal and intranet. It is SaaS (Software as a Service) / Cloud based application available on both web & mobile platforms.

  • Automate processes all in one.
  • Simplify teaching and learning by collaborating.
  • Customization opportunity to make it yours.
  • Centralized and blended learning
  • Get digital platforms as classes.
  • Get a channel to connect all your stakeholders in one place.
  • Great analysis for your academics through reports

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Why It's Best?


Education institutes are large, active communities. It provides the tools for the school, staff, students, parents and groups to communicate in one place. Improve the flow of information, foster teamwork and connect people throughout your school.


To work together & bring together with all the stakeholders can be challenging. It styles it guileless. Now everyone can work together in an interactive environment. Facilitate collaboration inside and outside the classroom.

Learning methodology

Education institutes or Schools endeavour to continuously improve teaching and learning outcomes. It provides all-in-one transition to hybrid and blended learning and makes free-form and structured teaching easy. Optimise learning management, support students with learning analytics and enabling them for more classroom interaction.

Course Administration

Teachers & students are creative; software tends to be rigid. It is flexible and customisable. Inspire Teachers to create beautiful and engaging content whilst you control branding and make It your own. Cultivate imagination and creativity throughout the school.


Managing time, content and people is hard enough. It frees up more time in the day and unifies everything that is overseen by the staff & students. Provide stakeholders with the relevant access, information and tools at their fingertips. Maximise efficiency and the school can achieve more each day.


Too many logins, duplicated data and disparate systems are headaches schools can avoid. It integrates with SSO, LDAP, popular student information systems, Webmail, vCal and other applications. Centralise resources, avoid data duplication and simplify administration.

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Is The Platform Shared With Other Schools? -

No, platform is setup exclusively for your school with branding & customization. No data or information is shared with other school setup.

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