Sales Enablement with VI-NSIGHT

The better the sales team’s performance the more is the company’s growth. so where do we lack when we hire a few enthusiastic people for our sales team and expect results to pour in. The problem lies in training, knowing their best qualities and weak points to work on. what makes them effective is knowledge about their work and the right tools to approach the market. The more their knowledge will increase the more their approach will be better. They need to be updated with the product information and new ways of promoting them in the market. They need proper training and practice in selling. The major problem now is getting competitive in the section of getting a proper tool to involve in training. To meet the new customer demands and continuous changes in the product range they need a steady solution for training.

Now comes the next part which is giving training. That’s time-consuming when you have to organize workshops and training sessions, make the materials, think about the knowledge delivery and gather the employees to attend it. Every time you hire a new person have to go through the same hassle again and again. You cannot always rely on the quality of the training to be the same because as it is a manual different people will give different inputs. But we can solve this problem in this age of technology and LMS is the best solution for this problem. It is a strong tool that has the facilities of a steady flow of information and organized training. Where you can control almost everything at goes into the course. And the main focus is to work on the weak points of the employee and make them approach the problem in a smarter way.

The next question is why VI-NSIGHT is a convenient LMS for your training? The answer is simple; in this busy world productivity matters the most with the additional work. So the solution here is with the numerous tasks the sales team is assigned, like cold calling, client meetings, research, and customer reviews training is a thing that is mandatory but still a disruption towards productivity. So what VI-NSIGHT does is reduces the extra time and efforts to give training; the teams can easily handle these day-to-day tasks with the training as a regular schedule. With a single tool you can connect the material and web and much more where the data source is centralized and easy to access without wasting much time on browsing. The easiest thing is we can easily integrate it with your existing CRM so that will never be extra work to log indifferently.

The important changes in the product or the add-ons can be added in the training material in a blink so no need to have an extra session to declare it to the sales team. Add audios and videos on the sales pitch and case studies where they can understand the need of the hour and the customer demands in a better way.

At last every team has their own challenges but a better training will motivate them and show them the route towards achievements ‘which will definitely push your team towards success. And Vi-nsight is a valuable platform to achieve that.

What keeps on the spirit of the sales team, is recognition. The rewards and badges that are available with Vi-nsight will keep the teams spirit high and it can work as a catalyst to increase the performance in a good way. The assessment facility makes them know exactly what they need to improve and exactly where they have to focus more for approaching to the market. Another problem is often the sales people are scattered in all the branch office and places so getting the consistency is a lot difficult in a traditional way. Vi-nsight helps you make the content similar in all the places with your brand message clear and loud, there is no misinterpretation allowed in understanding your brand message. We cannot have the same instructor go and give training to all the branches but what we can control is the quality of delivery can be the same everywhere. at last fortunately for technology, Vi-nsight can make the process a lot easier and effective for you.