For Every Individual Unit – LMS Solution

The main concern to look ahead to is how to personalize the system. because education reflects the workforce, one assembly line education system will create assembly line workers. From old times people have strong faith in evolving with time. How Rabindranath Tagore has written numerous things regarding modification within the system that is much needed. But in reality, we are stuck with the old ways and are just putting a cover on an existing system. Just changing a cover doesn’t change the content of the book. Change means starting from the root. However, truly we have a tendency to square measure curst the recent ways in which square measure simply golf strokes a canopy on an existing system.

A system where scoring 90% is the ultimate goal, even if most of the students cannot get into the college of their own choice after school. So what do we lack here? Creating awareness? Giving students the environment where they can change from a confused state to a confident one. the goals of the school should be to create an environment where every student understands its worth and when finishing the school knows their next step.

It’s actually difficult to track down each and every student’s growth, but that is the reason that we have segregated our system into tiny bits where it reaches to the root to the core that are students. But how much effective is our traditional way of tracking it down. The class teacher knows what a student is doing and how is he doing. The principal gets a report on a bulk basis where it’s very difficult to track it down to each and every student. If the teacher leaves the school all the data goes with them. do we have something where the detail growth of the students can be stored.

Yes, we have kept it in mind that this is impossible to fulfil this on a hundred percent because not every student is the same. But when we agree on this thing that we will not get the same result from all the student. Then how can we expect that a same education or learning process will fit the all. It will absolutely not, so what we have to know each and every student’s worth?

But we all know that each and every student is important as this is one individual and basic unit of the education system. So when we are getting a solution where you get the bird eye view and to the root, this is the change we should accept. There is another problem that is changing a this this big system will be difficult and painful but not impossible. We have to start everything from somewhere so let’s take it as a changing point and we can build something that exactly is the demand of the hour.