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Share/deliver content through Cloud hosted Saas based edtech we use, anywhere anytime and on any device.

Advanced Technology

Ensures security/confidentiality, seamless integration, scalability, supports multiple languages & file formats.

Training Solution

Organize/deliver/track various training content, trainees' performance and help them meet their performance milestones

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About Us

Welcome To KYS InfoSystems Private Limited

KYS platform transforms the way schools function by automating routine tasks & take decisions based on comprehensive, multi-source data.

KYS Infosystems Private Ltd. is transforming the way parents make decisions, intra-school communication, school administration & curriculum delivery across India by providing reliable, systematic, data-driven & social platforms to all stakeholders in the education system.

‘KYS InfoSystems’ provides schools with a data-driven, accurate and reliable social enabled platform to enable schools to streamline their communication, curriculum and decision-making processes.

What We Do

What Services we Provide for Our Customers

Learners today communicate, collaborate, explore and learn with personal technologies every day. We provide edtech to deliver exactly this.

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Targeted Audience


E-Learning Solution makes the work for teachers flexible so the teacher can focus on teaching and student development in a whole hassle free and interesting manner.


Be future prepared by engaging and involving studies with the technology, improve your knowledge retention by getting an environment where the growth is guaranteed.


Be assured of your child’s growth, when they are getting an education based on the new standards of teaching.

Why Choose Us

Compelling rationales that sets KYS InfoSystems apart

A fun and engaging way for learners to understand and grasp key concepts and ideas. Teaching faculties can propagate different learning styles by offering personalized modules and courses that aim at learners' growth.

Expert People Matter

We Have Energetic Team For Organization


Happy Customers - Happy us

Everything we do is based in the belief that if our clients are successful, we are too.

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Need additional information or have a question or comment? Please free to leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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