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What is VI-NSIGHT?


VI-NSIGHT is a learning platform designed for corporate trainings, a cloud based learning management system. It’s a next generation, feature rich, easy to use LMS for corporate. It can be used for formal, informal or social learning inside the corporation. An enterprise friendly, customizable, user friendly solutions to make the online learning fun and interesting with more satisfaction. An enterprise friendly, customizable, user friendly solutions to make the online learning fun and interesting with more satisfaction.

Why It's Best?


Combine your regular real time sessions with online learning which makes it a weather in person or in group or with instructor. Specifically combining all the aspect of training and learning under one roof.


Customizable logo and domain allows you to have the portal according to your needs and demand, so that have your portal as you thought of it. Create your own home page at the top of the learning portal that gives information.

Easy User Interface

Specially designed to respond in all the devices. no knowledge of coding required, the platform is user ready. Built on the best web standard and technology. Application for Android is available.


The interactive systems make the communication between the trainer and trainee better. Allow them to ask questions and getting answers from department experts. Create your own system to coach in your own way. The totally encrypted system gives you the liberty to create your own courses.


The personalization with each and every employee allows you to know their strength and weakness so they can be utilized in the best way possible, reduces the competency gap by putting them in exact places they can make use of their skills.


Too many logins, duplicated data and disparate systems are headaches organization can avoid. VI-NSIGHT integrates with most of the CRM or other platforms and other applications. Centralise resources, avoid data duplication and simplify administration.

Is The Platform Shared With Other Coorporate? -

No, platform is setup exclusively for your school with branding & customization. No data or information is shared with other coorporate setup.

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What Kind Of Training Is Included In The Plan? +
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