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What is AskAlbus?

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An essential part of corporate strategy that is “Conversational A.I”, these are in market for a long time now but it’s been recently it has been evolved to be seen as an effective solution. It can transform the way you interact with the internet in some simple form of quasi- conversation. Can be very effectively used on mobile devices, web applications, and chat platforms. Built with the most modern web standards, sophisticated programming knowledge and other highly specialized technical skills. the most asked queries about your product and service are mostly repetitive and simple. If you program the interaction according to the costumer journey it can actively work as an impressive unit for your business.


Customer Service

AskAlbus can be a great customer service for you. It offers a remarkably authentic conversational experience, while looking on the traditional way of service that is expensive and tedious. Most of the questions are simple to solve so instead of phone call a simple chat can solve your customer service problems.

Market Analysis

You can program AskAlbus to collect data and do analysis where determining the product or service lifecycle will be a lot easier. It’s a smart platform for engaging consumers. The changes such as relaunch or extending the life can be decided on the analysis.


Along with the basic function while AskAlbus answering the queries with preliminary information, advertisement also can be done. This way consumers will warm up to your brand as the technology and the accessibility improves.

Reach out to the Customer

AskAlbus can help reaching out to the customer first and trying to get an information will help gaining the viewers’ attention. small inquires can be great in brand building. It can fulfill the promise of social media: personal, trackable, scalable conversations and insights directly from the people your organization is aiming to serve.

Easy Feedback

Feedbacks are useful in website optimization, getting a feedback easily through AskAlbus will be great advantage in brand building as well. Simple surveys can be conducted. it provides you with new insights and ways to optimize the customer experience.

Lead Generation

AskAlbus can be programed to collect information such as email ids and that can be a valuable set of data in lead generation. It responds to user queries immediately, regardless of whether a customer service rep or sales agent is available to help. It can also help in creating personalized messages according to the data.